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My Photo Hi. I've been programming and interested in computers and electronics most of my life; that is, more than 40 years coding. Yes, that's me in the pic some years ago when hitching around New Zealand. I have a lot more gray hair now.

Back in the '80s I programmed in Z-80 and 6502 assembler, Turbo Pascal, Turbo C, Prolog (when Borland was a big name). I assembled and sold early PC clones. Later I moved into Windows / C++ development as my day job and spent many years programming for a living in companies like Imagis, Disney Interactive and for SchemaSoft under contract to Microsoft.

Fast forward to the 2000s: I was doing my own web development in PHP/MySQL and administering eBay listing management servers. I became proficient in Linux server admin, Python coding, "Web 2.0" development and most of the tech that makes the web and internet play nice today. More recently I've become immersed in Bitcoin and fascinated with writing code for it.

Open Hardware Logo After retiring I've contributed to a variety of open source programming projects including Rockbox and Electrum. I've spent countless hours helping new users on the Ubuntu forums and reddit, and enjoyed a keen ongoing interest in digital art photography.

I've designed open hardware using PIC microcontrollers, laid out PCB designs with Kicad, and hand built the SMD circuits. I've started developing for Android just to expand my skill set. So much fun!

I am currently seeking small programming jobs and welcome projects of limited scope where my expertise may be put to use. Please do contact me if you need something designed or programmed; digital circuits, Android apps, web apps, Bitcoin utilities. I will gladly work for bitcoin or good ol' fashioned dollars on a pay-as-you-go, milestones completed, basis.

This is my blog / web store / nerdy exploratorium. Enjoy!

Linux, Electronics, Open Source Programming, Bitcoin, and more

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