It's been so long but I am finally getting some more work done on sqlChain. I don't think anyone noticed that it was stalled, or even existed. I saw a few others following it on GitHub but that's probably just onlookers wondering if this would go anywhere. It hasn't yet. I had to work on actual paying projects over the last year. Now I have some time and really want to get this thing flying.

I'm working on a new Bitcoin / Blockchain explorer type site with some hopefully useful and interesting new features. I've already got the domain name: - currently parked right here. I've been fixing up some issues with sqlChain over the last week and readying it for some real testing on an EC2 server.

Setup Screen

I've added the sqlchain-init script to ask a series of setup questions and then create directories, config files, system boot init scripts and do MySQL DB creation. It's working here on my laptop and in the next couple days I'll test it out on a fresh server along with the newly updated PyPi package. I'm expecting users can just pip install it and run the sqlchain-init script to have a working server, though it will assume bitcoind installed.

The other main update is support for manual pruning on upcoming Bitcoin releases. Currently a custom build with PR #7871 is needed for manual pruning. However, this new feature allows safely running a pruning node under sqlChain. It lets sqlChain notify bitcoind which blocks have been processed into MySQL so it won't prune any still required. Stay tuned.

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